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EdgeBio manufactures a wide range of Sanger sequencing reagents and consumables to lower your overall cost of sequencing, including:

  • Optima DTR™ products that remove the unincorporated BigDye® Terminators from their cycle sequencing reactions prior to sequencing
  • Adhesive Plate Sealers for storage of samples in 96-well plates
  • 96-well optical plates (for direct loading of cycle sequencing reactions into the sequencer)

EdgeBio products are used by virtually all molecular genetic testing labs, both academic and commercial, performing Sanger for confirmation of NGS-generated variants and dropouts in NGS-based panels

EdgeBio also manufactures reagent kits for:

  • PCR amplicon purification

  • Bacterial genomic DNA isolation

  • Chemical competent bacterial cells

Dye Terminator Removal

Dye Terminator Removal (DTR)

Optima DTR™ and Performa® DTR plates are market-leading products for the clean-up of Sanger sequencing reactions. Both Optima and Performa:

  • Generate long contiguous sequence read lengths (>800 bases) with a low retest rate

    • Average CRL is 900 or more bases

  • Utilize a rapid, simple protocol with minimal hands-on time that allows you to process more samples for sequencing every day

    • Only 3 steps and less than 15 minutes to complete

  • Provide a cost-effective solution for high throughput applications and are ideal for use with robotic pipettors

  • Are available in a wide range of formats - single sample, 8-well, 96-well short and Ultra, and 384-well formats

    • Ultra plates contain a greater quantity of resinin a taller column height and provide even higher sensitivity results than with short plates

  • Do not require low temperature (4°C) storage

    • Can be stored at ambient temperature for up to 4 weeks without affecting performance

Optima DTR

Optima DTR employs a new, more cost-effective resin than Performa and provides the same high-quality results, but at a lower price. Optima DTR is available in 8-well, 96-well, and 384-well formats. 

Performa DTR

Performa DTR is our original dye terminator removal productfor clean-up of Sanger sequencing reactions, and is available in single sample, spin cartridges, and 96-well formats.

PCR Purification

EdgeBio PCRPurification products offer fast and simple methods to highly purify your PCRproducts, ensuring optimal performance in subsequent enzymatic reactions,including amplification, Sanger sequencing,cloning and restriction enzyme digestion.

Both the QuickStep™2PCR Purification systems and ExcelaPure™96-Well UF PCR Purification Kits are ideal for clean-up of all amplicons, providing:

  • Excellent, reproducible recoveries - 75% - 99% recovery depending on fragment size

  • High purity DNA - eliminate primers, ssDNA, proteins, salts, dNTPs and DNA labels

  • Purifies a wide range of fragment sizes - 100 bp - 48.5 kb

Competent Cells

EdgeBio Competent Cells were developed for high efficiency cloning of plasmid DNA and heterologous protein expression and are pre-dispensed into twelve 50 µl single reaction aliquots. EdgeBio Competent Cells employ a proprietary protocol that takes 10 minutes to complete with a minimum transformation efficiency of ≥ 1x108 cfu/µg pUC19.

  • Protein Expression

    • Ultra BL21(DE3) cells are equivalent to the popular BL21 (DE3) expression strain that lacks ompT and lonproteases to improve the stability of synthesized proteins, resulting in a high level of expression

    • Acella cells are ∆endA, ∆recA derivatives of Ultra BL21 (DE3) that eliminate degradation and recombination of plasmid DNA, making this strain ideal to combine direct cloning and protein expression

    • Acella pLysS cells contain the pLysS plasmid that facilitates the expression of otherwise toxic proteins

  • DNA Cloning

    • EB5Alpha is a derivative ofthe DH5α™ strain that is highly efficient for DNA uptake and ideal for everyday cloning


BrilliantDye™ Terminator Cycle Sequencing Kits

BrilliantDye kits are based on the Gold Standard Sanger Chain Termination method and are a direct substitute for the BigDye® Terminator kits.

BrilliantDye kits are available in two versions:

  • BrilliantDye Terminator v3.1. is the method of choice for longest continuous read lengths and a direct substitute for BigDye Terminator v3.1
    • A dGTP v3.1 kit is available and optimized for sequencing through G- and GT-rich templates by replacing dITP with dGTP
  • BrilliantDye Terminator v1.1 is designed for specialty applications that require optimal base calling adjacent to theprimer and is a direct substitute for BigDye Terminator v1.1
BrilliantDye Terminator kits:
  • Require no changes in protocol, settings,calibration or Dye Set
  • Are compatible with all ABI Genetic Analyzers
BrilliantDye kits provide the same high performance as BigDye, but with greater value
  • Bulk packaging format for high throughput labs
    • Purchase just what you need
    • No wasted reagents or packaging
5x Sequencing Buffer
  • Direct substitute for BigDye™ Terminator 5x Sequencing Buffer
  • Same high performance, but with greater value
    • Available in 1.0, 2.0, 10 and 28 mL volumes

NimaPOP Polymer and Running Buffer
NimaPOP™ Polymer

NimaPOP polymer is a pre-formulated separation matrix customized for DNA sequencing in capillary electrophoresis systems and is a direct substitute for POP™ Polymer that provides the same high performance, but with greater value.
  • Available in POP-4, POP-6 and POP-7 versions
  • Available for 310, 3100, 3130, 3500 and 3730 Genetic Analyzers
NimaPOP™ 10x Running Buffer (with EDTA)

NimaPOP 10x Running Buffer is a concentrated electrophoresis buffer for use on all Genetic Analyzer systems.
  • Direct substitute for 3730 Running Buffer and 310 and 31xx Running Buffer, but with greater value
    • Available in 25, 100 and 500 mL volumes

Sample Prep

Quick-Precip and Quick-Precip™ Plus Solutionsare proprietary, biologically inert, water-based carriers used for the rapidprecipitation of DNA, RNA and oligomers >16 bases. Quick-Precip Plus contains salt,eliminating an extra pipetting step. 

  • Biologically inert - DNA or RNA can be used for: NGS library preparation (including eukaryotic expression libraries), PCR amplification, DNA sequencing, Cloning, Hybridization, Restrict Enzyme Digestion
  • Not affected by the presence of additives frequently found in enzymatic reactions (e.g. polyethylene glycol, glycerol) or residual organic solvents used for the extraction of proteins
  • Ideal when >90% recovery of small quantities of nucleic acid polymers is required
  • Precipitation with >95% efficiency is accomplished in 2-3 minutes at room temperaure

ThePurElute™ Bacterial Genomic Kit provides rapid isolation of genomic DNA fromgram-positive and gram-negative bacteria utilizing just one simple protocol.The resulting high-quality DNA ensures optimal performance in subsequentenzymatic reactions, including amplification, Sanger sequencing, cloning and restriction enzymedigestion.

  • Extract high-quality genomic DNA in only 30 minutes - save time without sacrificing performance
  • Reproducible DNA Purification - consistently provides high quality DNA
  • High DNA Yield - average yield is 40 µg of genomic DNA from a 2 mL culture
  • Specifically formulated Advamax 2 Beads efficiently remove protein and other cellular contaminants from DNA